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Fine, dull, flat hair

Problem: fine, dull, flat hair. Solution: volumising products really work, but make sure you go for a quality product. Cheaper products often contain man-made plastic polymers that coat the hairs and leave them looking dull. A high-end product will tend to contain plant proteins such as keratin and soy protein[…]

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Fun fact: static affects people with dry and fine hair that’s more prone to breaking and split ends. Solution: gloss sprays can help replenish moisture and get rid of the static. These products are usually applied to hair after styling, when hair is dry.

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Split ends and breaking hair

Problem: split ends and breaking hair. Are there any hair breakage treatment products? Solution: no hair product is going to solve this problem. So, how to repair hair breakage naturally? Once the hairs have reached the stage where they split or break, the only thing to do is get a[…]

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